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Find i Profumi di Firenze perfumes and skin care products from Tuoksuguru.

High-caliber Art of Florentine perfumery, with an aim to resurrect and continue the historical legacy. Dr. Di Massimo with his research and development lab, since more than 50 years, creates and produces with passion and professionalism, i Profumi di Firenze. These niche fragrances have the ability to accompany emotions and moments of life with originality and sweetness, thanks to the high concentration of natural raw materials, to their persistence and to the wise and generous use of the base notes.

La Cosmetica Fiorentina is an innovative natural cosmetic line that uses highly concentrated plant-based and natural active ingredients whose effectiveness is scientifically proven to ensure the safety. The production lab is certified ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 22716 and all steps of production respect the Cosmetic GMP


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