Trust the Life it-Self

Dear fellow traveler,

Sometimes we are struggling what to do or not to do. Can it be trusted to the situation or a person?

There have been always only one solution in my life for these struggles. Listen to your heart without fear. Life is full of open doors and possibilities. Everyone does find their own path and right people to their path. Life it-Self does carry You, it just needed to be trusted. People and situations changes along the way and nothing stays the same.  But One can stand strong and let things to flow.  Maybe I can not know the reasons right now, but a bit later I might understand if being willing to understand. I have always also chosen to see the bright side of everything. I have experienced my life as I have chosen to see and take it. If finding joy,  beauty, and positivity from everything, without limits, yes… even from those things I might not like at the very moment, there can always be found the bright side. Yet, if something feels constantly no good, then it is time to say No. Then it is not for You. And yet it does not mean there has been nothing to learn from it, or it’s not for someone else. There is no only one right path to walk. My end conclusion for the question if situations and people can be trusted, is yes, always! Because they are doing and performing exactly the role You needed for your life to get an experience, maybe an insight, to be stronger, to learn something, to lighten up your life, to help you or you to help them, for your fun and joy.

With the grateful heart, I am wishing You all Darlings to be brave and have an amazing and fabulous day to come, trusting the Life it-Self.

Welcome to my Blog


this will be my start for blogging and vlogging. I wish You will enjoy reading and watching.

I am sharing my experiences with olfactory world, perfumes, pictures, emotions, moods, information and inspiration.

Perfume is for me a form of artistry, liquid emotions, it’s like a time machine for my memories, cheer up’ers. Perfume can be a comforting blanket when you need One. Perfumes raise up feelings and emotions, they feed your energy levels or calm you down. One can find a perfectly right perfume for a right situation, always.

Gladly we are having a great legislation that makes sure we are having safe products to use. Technology has advanced so that we do no more need to cut the plant off to get the aroma from it, we do no more need cruelty for poor whales or civet cats to get aromas to our scents.

Scent of the day for me is I Profumi di Firenze Caterina De’ Medici, Eau de Parfum;

Lady is walking with her beautiful high heels to the nice café to meet her best friend. Sun is shining from the cloudless sky. She is keeping her hat to prevent it to fly with the wind. Her white lace dress sparkles with the sun rays. The afternoon is full of joy.

Fragrant notes

Tangerine, Chamomile

Jasmine, Tuberose

Styrax Officinalis Resine