Minusta ja tuoksujen maailmasta

Jaana Ström

Hello, my name is Jaana and I started to listen to my heart and following my dream reeducating and creating a work from my passion. I am a Beauty Therapist, Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics, and also done many kinds of sales works.

I have born in Oulu and lived all of my life near the city.

When I was seven years old, I used to collect flowers from the fields as well as from my mother's flowerbeds. At the backyards terrace, I was thinking to create a lovely perfume. At my very young age, I started to love the scent of flowers, forest, the scent of nature after the rain, smoke of the campfire, fresh cut wood smell. Finnish beautiful nature has been my inspiration for loving scents. I have walked in my life with my heart and nose open, educating both past 25 years.

Scents are liquid emotions for me, memories and working like time machines. Human has amazing scent memory, how it can bring to your memory long ago happened situation and especially the feeling connected with the situation. Moods can be raised up with different kind of scents, create an atmosphere, be building nonverbal communication and strengthen your personality.

Cosmetic care is very close to my heart also, it strengthens wellbeing. Beauty is both inner and outer. Beauty does not need to hide, but it is allowed to bloom and shine. Beauty does not make terms or build limits; because it is always in the eye of the beholder. And to be able to see the beauty around, One has it inside of oneself. Beauty is not about to vanish ever, as well as love.

Pictures of scents are taken by me. I wish You enjoy browsing my webpages and get inspired.

Spirituality and Heartfullness

Spiritual wellbeing has been part of my life from the very young ages. Life itself has educated and taught by insights, mistakes, genuinely and openly, hurting and to become hurt, by being vulnerable, forgiving and being willing to trust. Human being grows towards OneSelf finding that genuine part of him/her where being good at, beautiful, innocent, accepting also own negative side. Be brave enough to be Real and honest to Your Self. 

What do You have to give to fellow passengers? Everyone is good at something, many in many things, but... what is exactly the thing where is your special knowledge? This journey we call Life is a process of creation and choices made. Will I choose what everyone else chooses in general, just because its done like that always? Or could I perhaps do something differently, could I make it a living for myself, to do something I really love and genuinely like, what would be my dream? Yes!!! Everyone can do that, everyone! This life is not a highway of performance, there are always new things to be learned, with open mind and heart. 

Every now and then it is good to sit down to make the mind silent, listen to the feelings and emotions, how do I feel like, what do my Heart says to me. Noice will get silent, and soon can be seen that everything is alright. Gratitude raises from the heart, gratitude of all that have been... yes also from the difficulties and especially from them. Difficult things are the greatest teachers of our lives. Be brave to walk towards the wind with open mind and heart. Life is full of choices, let's choose with brave and merciful hearts. 

My Values

Values of my life have always been;

  • Beauty; I choose to see beauty everywhere I look at.
  • Freedom; I need to feel free in my life and work, free to create and free to be me. I will let others feel free as well and courage them to fulfill their dreams, to be the real and authentic selves.
  • Respect; I choose to respect fellow passenger in my life, I choose to see their good side instead of judging them. People are like paintings, they need to be seen in a perfect light.
  • Positivity; I choose to see and understand things differently when hard times hits on me. There is always the bright and negative side, I want to see the good- even if it might be hard to see at that very moment.
  • Passon; without passion, the human is like a machine performing day after day.  Whatever I choose to do, I do it with my heart and with my passion.
  • I will always do my best.