Importance of Friends

Hello Lovely,

Today I have been wondering about friendship how valuable it is. You love no matter what. Do you have those people in your life who makes you smile no matter what kind of situation You are having? They will lighten up your Heart and make You see how beautiful it is. They will love You forever and ever, no matter your choices made, things are done, they still love You, always without giving up on You. They do remind You of Your innocence when you have forgotten, they will show you the true altar of your Spirit and that is being in peace, out of sorrow, sadness, comparing, ruling over, and it is beyond beautiful.

I wanted to share this song, just to remind You all how beautiful your Heart is

If You feel like not having these kinds of people right now around, remember You are not alone. Think about it, how many people are loving exactly the kind of person that You Are. Someone is thinking of You right now, somewhere on this planet we share together.

I am thankful, so so thankful for Your existence, and for all those people around me.

We are One after all.


Like a stone in a beck


Sometimes One can feel like there is way too much everything happening in a life. You might feel like being a leaf flying in the wind wondering how it can be managed to control everything. Is there actually even a need to control everything? Is there an option for like being a dropped leaf flying around in a wind without having a destination? I think there is,  it is sometimes good to be that drop of water in a flow or to be that wind flying with the wind, to have an experience.

But I think it is much more peaceful to be like a stone in a bottom of the beck. Let all the water flow above, it comes and goes, yet the Stone feels its peace and silence, the sun will shine to the water and through the water to the stone as well.


Our Dear fellow passengers, sisters, and brothers, we everyone needs sometimes a stone where to step up. We all need sometimes a rest a while, maybe a help to cross the strongly flowing water in our journey. Being both; that stone and a passenger, in our life travel. Everyone has a meaning and every situation has a meaning, though our earthly mind might not always know it immediately, time will reveal everything with the understanding for the questions of Why.

Little thoughts of life and its phenomena and appearance.

Have a peaceful weekend to come, Dear Friend.