Sensual scent is like a comforting blanket

Friday evening is coming,
She needed a comforting and sensual scent, like a blanket to wrap in, on a cold winter evening.
Carner Barcelona Tardes gives her the warmth, reminding her of never-ending love. The never-ending love that will lay in between the lovers, in the space between them. Not by being an object face to face, but being a subject and allowing space to carry the longing and love.

She closes her eyes and inhales the fresh crispy air mixed with a powdery touch of the soft scent she is carrying.

Tardes Eau de Parfum

Top Notes

Egyptian Geranium, Bulgarian Rose, Rosewood, Almond.

Middle Notes

Virginian Cedar Wood, Celery, Plum.

Base Notes

Venezuelan Tonka Bean, Musk, Heliotrope.


Welcome to my Blog


this will be my start for blogging and vlogging. I wish You will enjoy reading and watching.

I am sharing my experiences with olfactory world, perfumes, pictures, emotions, moods, information and inspiration.

Perfume is for me a form of artistry, liquid emotions, it’s like a time machine for my memories, cheer up’ers. Perfume can be a comforting blanket when you need One. Perfumes raise up feelings and emotions, they feed your energy levels or calm you down. One can find a perfectly right perfume for a right situation, always.

Gladly we are having a great legislation that makes sure we are having safe products to use. Technology has advanced so that we do no more need to cut the plant off to get the aroma from it, we do no more need cruelty for poor whales or civet cats to get aromas to our scents.

Scent of the day for me is I Profumi di Firenze Caterina De’ Medici, Eau de Parfum;

Lady is walking with her beautiful high heels to the nice café to meet her best friend. Sun is shining from the cloudless sky. She is keeping her hat to prevent it to fly with the wind. Her white lace dress sparkles with the sun rays. The afternoon is full of joy.

Fragrant notes

Tangerine, Chamomile

Jasmine, Tuberose

Styrax Officinalis Resine