Importance of Friends

Hello Lovely,

Today I have been wondering about friendship how valuable it is. You love no matter what. Do you have those people in your life who makes you smile no matter what kind of situation You are having? They will lighten up your Heart and make You see how beautiful it is. They will love You forever and ever, no matter your choices made, things are done, they still love You, always without giving up on You. They do remind You of Your innocence when you have forgotten, they will show you the true altar of your Spirit and that is being in peace, out of sorrow, sadness, comparing, ruling over, and it is beyond beautiful.

I wanted to share this song, just to remind You all how beautiful your Heart is

If You feel like not having these kinds of people right now around, remember You are not alone. Think about it, how many people are loving exactly the kind of person that You Are. Someone is thinking of You right now, somewhere on this planet we share together.

I am thankful, so so thankful for Your existence, and for all those people around me.

We are One after all.